Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 In Review

  • Oct 1st ~Homecoming pics for Haley & Bree, Dinner at El Gallo Giro w/ Cristian, Connor & Coehn 

  • Oct 4th ~Cristian Diagnosis -Spondyloarthritis, Family Dinner @ Krista's
  • Oct 6th ~Dinner @ Spice Indian Cuisine with Cristian

  • Oct 8th ~Lunch w/ Mom at Indian Spice, Midas Touch Shoot

  • Oct 9th ~Sean & Angela Family Session

  • Oct 11th ~Girl's Dinner @ Krista's
  • Oct 13th ~3 Year Anniversary, Dinner @ Tavern at Bown Crossing
  • Oct 15th ~Lunch w/ Connor, Coehn & Zack over for Gaming night
  • Oct 18th ~Family Night @ Krista's
  • Oct 20th ~Parent Teacher Conference, Connor is doing Great
  • Oct 22nd ~Stef Head Shots, Connor to STEM, Out for birthday drinks with Krista

  • Oct 29th ~Shopping & Lunch w/ Krista, Makeup for Costumes, Out to Balcony for Halloween
  • Oct 31st ~Halloween, Connor dressed as Beetlejuice, Coehn & Zack over for Trick or Treating

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