Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 2016 In Review

Books Read:
  • Nov 8th ~Viking Family dinner at Krista's, Election Day
  • Nov 11th ~Thrifting and Dinner with Cristian, Connor and Coehn
  • Nov 12th ~Connor's Cello Recital at Cothedral of the Rockies

  • Nov 13th ~Dru's Senior Pictures Downtown

  • Nov 15th ~Dru's in studio Head Shots

  • Nov 19th ~Friendsgiving
  • Nov 20th ~Traveling Dress Shoot

  • Nov 21st ~New Tires and Alignment
  • Nov 23rd ~Drive to Cedaredge
  • Nov 24th ~Thanksgiving at Steve and Jani's (Terrible cold, wore a mask to keep Grandma from catching it)

  • Nov 25th ~Lunch with Aaron in GJ, Drive to Paradox, Dinner in Naturita, Stay at Paradox Valley B&B

  • Nov 26th ~Explore Paradox and Hope Springs, Lunch in Moab, Drive home, In n Out in SLC

  • Nov 29th ~Stef outdoor Head Shots

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