Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sweetest Kitty...

I'm losing you
Whoa haaa, I'm losing you
Ain't love the sweetest thing -U2

OK, sometimes you see a stamp and you think, ummm....NO! But then, it creeps under your skin and you finally think..."OK, FINE!" Well, that is what "Love Kitten" did to me. A few friends liked it right off and I just scratched my head and thought..."Really???" I ordered some for the store and they sat there on the shelf staring at me...so I finally gave in!!

Memory Box: Love Kitten, You're the Sweetest, Flirt Papers, CS
a muse: Spiral Daisy
Dew Drops: Island Blossom
SU: Creamy Caramel, Cool Caribbean, Marigold Morning and Ruby Red Ink, Whisper White and Cool Carribean CS


  1. Oh my gosh..you're KILLING ME!
    I'm dying w/ laughter!
    That stamp crept under your skin, huh?
    It's the NDC of stamps, man! ;)

    Seriously...very cute, but I'm still giggling! A LOT!

  2. Wow! Your card is adorable! I may have to get this cute kitty too!

  3. This is really cute, Rachel! (And I'm laughing at your "OK FINE!" Too funny.


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