Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pictures on Canvas...

I recently joined a Photo Walk in Downtown Boise, it was specifically tailored to view, photograph and learn about the Historic buildings we have downtown. I have always loved taking photos of flowers and buildings, so one of my favorite shots is a mix of the two. I loved these pretty geranium baskets.

Rather than just print the photo on 8x10 photo paper and framing it, I took advantage of an offer to get one of my Pictures on Canvas from Easy Canvas Prints and had it printed 16" x 20". Ummm, WOW! It can out so crisp and clean, I Love it!!! I ordered it as a Christmas gift, but, I may keep it!!! ;)

I love the feel the canvas texture gives a photo. I am no artist, but this makes me feel like one!! :D

I had the edges done with a continuation of the photo itself, you can choose a solid side, a mirror image of the edge or like mine. You can also choose a 1' 1/2" deep side if you want.

A Huge thanks to Easy Canvas Prints for the great canvas!!!

*I was given a special offer to try out Easy Canvas Prints and give an honest opinion of their product on my blog. My post is a not a result of any pay, my opinion is based on my experience with the company as a whole, from their website, ordering experience and shipping.


  1. I love what you're doing Rachel! I hope you will keep up the photography!! I want to see you mix your photos with stamping!!!!

  2. This is a great photo to have put on canvas. It looks great!


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