Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 2014 In Review

Books Read:

March 1st Cedaredge, CO...Hanging out, Dinner for Grandma's Birthday, new dining room table install

March 2nd Cedaredge, CO Hanging out, Mexican restaurant with Cristian in Delta, pictures, Connor made jewelry in shop with Pops, Oscars with Grandma

March 3rd Drive Home, Grandma's Official 90th Birthday

March 6th Crazy Hair day at School

March 7th Treasure Valley Children's Theatre Peter Pan shoot

 April 10th HAE Attack

April 12th Outer Ear Canal Infection and swelling from HAE

Pi Day! 3.14

March 15th St Patty's Celebration at Grainey's to see The Naughties

"My man and I are both wearing skirts... And we're off to the rodeo"
"Jameson on board, Guinness going down smooth and Danny Boy on the pipes. Happy almost St Patricks Day!"

March 16th First time at Trader Joe's in 8 years!!!

 March 17th St Patrick's Day

 March 21st Peter Pan Rehearsal Shoot

666 likes on FB Page

March 22nd Peter Pan Jr with Connor and RENT with Cristian

 Add the Words Selfie

Image Chosen for Vicious Vixens Issue 3

 March 23rd Sugar Skull Shoot with Laura

March 25th Connor to Rockaway Beach, OR to see Karen and Andrew with Grandma and Grandpa for Spring Break


March 26th Nuffer Family Shoot

March 27th Great Hair Day!

March 28th Connor home from Oregon
Made Popular and Trending Page on

  March 29th Sugar Skull Shoot with JR and Amy

RENT with Unique

March 30th Sugar Skull shoot with Marcy and Lindsay

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