Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 In Review

Books Read

April 1st ~Zachary's Birthday

April 3rd ~$62 on Scratchers!

April 5th ~Tucanos Lunch Date with Connor

Christine's Baby Shower

April 6th ~Heather and Sabra Sugar Skull

April 8th ~Fever and Chills, thankful for my snuggle buddy

April 10th ~Mom's Birthday

April 11th ~Hired as Event Photog for RAWartist Boise
                  ~Tied to win Bad Ass Challenge on

~Ice Cream Friday

~Connor's Orchestra Concert

April 12th ~Beginning Tae Kwon Do with Connor
~ Donna, Brian and Steve Sugar Skull

April 13th ~SubSpace Cyber Punk Shoot

April 14th ~Won a Pair of Proof Glasses

April 17th ~RAWartists Boise Spectrum

April 18th ~FroYo Friday

April 19th ~Dying Eggs with Connor

 ~Leslie Sugar Skull

April 20th ~Easter and Birthday Celebration

April 26th ~Jenn, Larz and Hilary Sugar Skull

April 27th ~My Birthday

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