Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014 In Review

Books Read

May 1st ~May Day/Beltane

May 2nd ~Published in Vicious Vixens!
May 3rd ~Naughty Night at Grainey's for Jeran's Birthday

May 4th ~Danielle & Gen Sugar Skull
May 7th ~Silly Selfies


FB Status: "I just got shit on by a fucking bird. Can not stop gagging. Thank God my best friend,  Erica Taggart, was here to clean up my hair. *Pay Backs*"

May 9th ~Sushi Friday

May 10th ~June Sugar Skull

May 11th ~Mother's Day
"Nothing like it. Being a mom is the most rewarding job in the world. #ThatsMyBoy #Momstuff #love #mothersday"

May 11th-13th ~So very sick, EWWWW, everyone got it

May 14th ~Ban on Same Sex Marriages found Unconstitutional by Federal Court, Otter gets stay and couples can not marry on Friday the 16th as planned.

FB Status: "
Butch Otter, not only an Idaho Governor, but also many lesbian's 'spirit animal.'"

Idaho GOP Gubernatorial Debates -possibly the best comedy show on TV

May 16th ~Jessica's Baby Shower at Work

Equal Rights Rally at courthouse instead of Marriage Ceremonies

FB Status: "I have decided that 'Hey Diddle Diddle, right up the middle' should be the new 'That's what she said'

May 18th ~Walk with Connor and Muffin  

May 21st ~Pinup Swimsuit Shoot with Heather

May 22nd ~ "Nothing like being treated like a criminal and a piece of shit to get your heart racing. My son apparently door dinged a car, I didn't realize it and went shopping for half an hour. When I came out I was greeted with a woman snapping 4 pictures of us as we walked up and when I asked if I could help her she proceeded to tell me that she had taken pictures of "everything" and the police had been called. I simply called my insurance, filed a claim and handed her my phone number and the claim number and suggested that she might have just told me rather than being so confrontational. Side note... No damage to my car and good ins through Allstate means it will cost me nothing."

May 24th ~HAE Attack

May 26th ~Memorial Day 
  Connor fishing with Grandpa, Uncle Zach and Angus

May 28th

May 30th ~Work silliness

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