Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014 In Review

Books Read:

  • June 1st ~Donna's Gypsy Garden Party Bridal Shower

                           ~Photos in HerLife Magazine

  • June 3rd  ~Last day of School (Connor made the Honor Roll!)

                           ~Happy Mail from Edie!

  • June 4th ~Heather Patriotic Shoot

  •  June 7th ~Donna and Doyle Sugar Skull Shoot

  • June 9th ~Jessica's Gypsy Birthday BBQ

  • June 13th  ~Friday the 13th Tattoo by Donna

  • June 14th ~"How to Train Your Dragon 2" with Connor, Cohen and Zack
                    ~Naughty Night at Humpin' Hannah's with Cristian, LeRoy, Dom, Shawn, Shawna

  • June 15th ~Add the Words -A Documentary Test Screening at the Egyptian Theater with Mom

  • June 16th ~FB Status: "It is Monday...and in many ways I feel it, the weight of a new week heavy on my shoulders...but above that I feel a lightness, a realization that my life is in a very good spot. I like it here, I don't want to leave. I have a wonderful family, a beautiful, smart, happy, healthy, amazing son, a husband who loves me for who I am, all of my foibles and crazy included and I am surrounded by amazing friends. My life has opened up to so many wonderful experiences and things lately and some days it is almost too much to take in. Art, Theater, Adventure, Wonder and Love...I want more! Can I handle More?"
  • June 19th ~RAW Panorama

  •  June 20th ~ Sandy Powers 1961-2014 RIP

  • June 21st ~Yard Saling with Unique and Jazmine
  • June 25th ~New Hair!

  •  June 27th ~Sandy's Funeral
                           ~FroYo Friday
  •  June 28th ~Botanical Gardens, Thrift Store, Yard Sales and Lunch with Connor
  •  June 29th ~Made Muffins!


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