Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014 in Review

Books Read:

  • July 3rd ~River Shoot with Heather Floyd
  • July 4th ~BBQ and Fireworks at Zach's
  •  July 7th-12th ~Cristian in St Louis for work (robbed at gunpoint!)
  • July 8th ~Mommy/Son Date at Pad Thai House
  • July 10th ~Pizza and Star Wars Episode I
  • July 11th ~FB Status: "I have always wanted to be cremated...but I think I may decide to go with a casket...Just so someone can play "Drop It Like It's Hot" as I am lowered into my grave"
  • July 13th ~Shoot with Jazmine


  •  July 16-19th ~HAE Attack
  • July 23-24th ~Steve and Janet in town, dinner at Zach's, Breakfast at The Griddle
  • July 23rd ~Submission to Kaɪ'oʊti Magazine accepted
  • July 27th ~Tim Burton Shoot with Vanessa
  • July 28th-Aug 1st ~Continuing Ed Classes for work
  • July 30-Aug 3rd ~Connor camping with Sean & Patrick

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