Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015 In Review

Books Read:

  • Oct 2nd ~Dinner at the Soft Opening of Coq D'Or with some Valhalla Retreat folks

  • Oct 3rd ~Breakfast Date with Connor at The Griddle
  • Oct 6th ~Rear ended on the way to work, then Pain Attack
  • Oct 9th ~ Potato Pinups Pumpkin Patch Shoot
  • Oct 11th ~Evie's Tea Party Baby Shower
  • Oct 12th ~Published in Cat's Meow Magazine with 2 different shoots
  • Oct 13th ~2 Year Anniversary (Dinner at McGrath's)
  • Oct 14th ~Beard Shoot with Bryce and Derek
  • Oct 17th ~Western Steampunk Shoot
  •  Oct 18th ~Ghostumentary Screening
  • Oct 19th ~Pick up car from body shop
  • Oct 24th ~Paisley Shoot & 3 Sugar Skulls
  • Oct 25th ~Amber Sugar Skull
  • Oct 30th ~Carve Pumpkins at Erica's
  • Oct 31st ~Halloween, Cohen & Zach overnight

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