Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 2015 In Review

Books Read:

  • Nov 1st ~Opera Idaho w/ Connor (1 act) then Dinner at Ha'Penny
  • Nov 2nd ~Calendar Meeting at The Balcony, New Camera Arrives!!!

  • Nov 3rd ~Calendar Teaser Shots with Bryce
  • Nov 6th-9th ~Valhalla 2015 Photography Retreat in Stanley, ID
  • Nov 9th ~Sushi Lunch Date with Connor
  • Nov 11th ~Start walking with Krista
  • Nov 11th-12th ~Michele and Chris here
  • Nov 13th ~Connor's First School Dance, Drinks at The Balcony with Krista, Dinner at Erica's w/ Perry and Fam
  • Nov 14th ~Nina Paisley, Kassie Sugar Skull
  • Nov 15th ~Calendar Meeting at The Balcony
  • Nov 16th ~Keys to the STUDIO!!!!
  • Nov 20th ~Drinks at The Balcony w/ Cristian, Krista, Carrie and Adam
  • Nov 21st Calendar Shoot at The Balcony, then HAE Pain, IV worked
  •  Nov 24th ~ More calendar shots, Krista made us dinner
  • Nov 26th ~Thanksgiving Dinner, Football and Dessert Bar at Mom and Dad's
  • Nov 27th ~Calendar Retakes with Derek
  • Nov 28th ~Friendsgiving
  • Nov 29th ~Studio shoot with Daisy, Final Calendar Shots, Drink at The Balcony w/ Krista

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